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Age Groups: 2 & 3’S / 3 & 4’S / 4 & 5’S

Pre-School classes are 45 minute classes and are divided by age/maturity level more than skill level.  All classes will work around an obstacle course of mats and equipment designed for their age group.


Gymnastics classes are 60-90 minute classes divided by skill level.  Every week, the class will practice floor skills for half of the class and 1 piece of equipment (bars, vault, tumble track, beam, trampoline) for the other half.  Listed below are the progressive levels and the skills required to advance to the next level.

Beginner - Good side cartwheel, handstand against mat, backward roll, bridge up and lift 1 leg, releve walk on beam, swing on high bar-hop hands.

Advanced Beginner - One arm cartwheel, bridge kickover down hill, round off rebound, handstand roll, pull over low bar, round off dismount on beam, squat/straddle on vault.

Pre-Intermediate- Backbend kick over on floor, handstand to bridge, running round off rebound, back hip circle on bars, teeter totter hop foot on high beam, squat/straddle over on vault.

Intermediate- Back walkover, front limber, back handspring on trampoline, cartwheel and handstand on low beam, jump to squat on low bar to tap swings, front handspring over trapezoid.

Intermediate II- Front walkover, round off back handsprings, cast to squat on low bar to long hang pullover, cartwheel and handstand on high beam, back tuck on trampoline, front tuck on tumble track .

Advanced- Round off 3 back handsprings, round off back tuck, back walkover on beam, front handspring over vault, back handspring to back tuck on tumble track.    



These are 60 minute classes divided by skill level.  Every week the class will work on floor tumbling, tumble track, trampoline and drills.  Listed below are the progressive levels and the skills required to move to the next level.  Students must be at least 7 yrs. old and be able to cartwheel.

Beginning Tumbling – Skills worked on will begin with round offs, handstand hops and controlled jumps on floor and trampoline.  As skills develop, front and back handsprings and front tucks will begin on the trampolines and the floor using training mats.  The ultimate goal of the Beginning Tumbling level is a back handspring on the trampoline, tumble track and down an incline on floor.

Intermediate Tumbling – Skills worked on will begin with running round off back handsprings and standing back handspring series (2 or more in a row).  Front and back tucks will also be worked on trampolines.  Conditioning skills will be added to increase strength during each class.  The ultimate goal of the Intermediate Tumbling level is a round off and three back handsprings on the floor.

Advanced Tumbling -  Skills worked on will include round off back handspring back tuck, front tucks and standing back tucks.  As these skills progress, layouts and twists will be added.  Each class will also include conditioning skills to increase strength. 

Tumbling Plus- This class is designed for Advanced Tumblers with an added ½ hour of conditioning.  The class was developed for those tumblers who want to “bump it up” to get to the next level.  Conditioning is the key to the strength and power needed to move forward in skill level.