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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! The Rec Room will be moving to a new location! Our new address is 5220 E. 65th Street Indianapolis, IN 46220. There will be no classes in June as we get everything organized but we will have 2 camps in June and then start classes back up on July 9th. The schedule will be posted very soon!


I have never been too fond of change. I sometimes think it is done just for the sake of changing and I have always felt that if its not broken, then no need to fix it. But sometimes change is inevitable and we must embrace it and move on. So on we move!
The Rec Room is moving to a new location. It\'s not what we planned, but we have found a very nice space and we are excited to continue our journey.
Because of the move, we have not updated all of our summer camp and class info on this site. We apologize for the delay but here is the new camp schedule. Sign up for camps begin on May 21st! You can call 317 594-5555 (the # will not change!) to register for camps.
June 18-June 21 Gymnastics Camp 9:00-1:00 ages 3 & up
June 25-June 28 Ninja Camp 9:00-11:00 ages 4 & up
June 25&June 26 Handspring clinic 11:30-1:00 ages 7 & up Must have round offs
June 27&June 28 Tuck clinic 11:30-1:00 ages 7 & up Must have r/o back handspring
July 9-July 12 Gymnastics Camp 9:00-1:00 ages 3 & up
July 16-July 19 Tumbling Camp 9:00-1:00 ages 7 & up

Classes will begin again in July! Summer Session will be July 9th - August 4th.
The schedule will be posted in the very near future!

Although our location is changing, we will never change how we feel about our families. Always know we will continue to provide the best recreational gymnastics and tumbling instruction as we have for the past 18 years. We absolutely love what we do and we are so thankful that we have been able to be a part of so many children\'s lives.

Bring on the change!!!!